About us

Easy Health existed from the lack of healthy food and well balanced diet for our own needs, which was developed by traveling around the world, dealing with diseases and allergens we studied a pattern, how to eat pure healthy and tasty to prevent the short comings we found in Thailand. A good diet determines how you are feeling, it has a positive effect on your physical state and mind-set. Our team designed the meals which have the best taste and well balanced macronutrients values for the best outcome of your wellbeing.
We had difficulties having a healthy lifestyle combine with our busy lifestyle in business and sports. Something was missing..That thing was a place to eat where you don’t have to worry about what you get on your plate..fresh and vetted products which are safe to eat and different type of diets ( Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian) we were looking for. Something were every bite builds you further to a healthy lifestyle.
Easy Health is there for everybody, that wants to live healthier cleaner and more self-conscious.
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Our meals

Delicious Continental meals, Thai meals smoothie’s juices, snacks and dessert.
Easy health is making sure we cook with ingredients low in sodium, no preservatives, no msg and use exclusively olive and coconut oils with all fresh and natural ingredients paired with lots of spices herbs and vegetables.

Our mission

Our mission is to give access to as many people as possible. So everyone has the possibility to eat clean, tasty food respecting their diets or allergens restrictions. So everybody can make a habit out of living a healthy lifestyle
It’s a huge dream we admit that!
Where to start? In Thailand we ask ourselves this question many times a day..What shall we eat? We recommend you fill in that answer with local unprocessed clean food.
For multiple years Easy health provides the best for the environment and for your health. An Easy health meal has so many benefits.

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